Foresight through calculation
PBR Rating aspires to contribute to enhancing the quality of financial information through business intelligence services that encompass a range of activities aimed at analyzing and collecting strategic data about the economic environment. These services aim to provide accurate information and analysis to business leaders, enabling them to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and manage risks associated with their activities.

As part of its macroeconomic analysis, PBR Rating assesses and models factors impacting economic and financial performance and vulnerability within a country. This involves delineating the schematic of its sectoral value creation, its external dependency indices, the state of public finances, and its balance of external relations. It’s purpose is to anticipate national and regional impacts on the governance of economic entities. With its comprehensive sectoral databases, PBR Rating presents an array of sectoral maps based on specific performance and risk indices. Sectoral maps enable corporate managers to steer their development strategies, asset managers to solidify their investment policies, and financial institutions to manage their business approaches and counterparty risks.

PBR Rating agency offers macroeconomic and sector-specific data that enable organizations to identify, measure, and address the risks they face. PBR Rating implements diagnosis and risk treatment solutions specific to each sector of activity and to each economic and financial entity.

Investors and asset managers have access, through various studies and solutions offered by PBR Rating, to a range of instruments enabling them to better allocate resources, identify business development potential, and prepare exits.